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Who is ShoesPundit ?

Hi. I’m Joey Anderson, and you probably know me from my years of experience working in the fields, warehouses, ranches or construction sites! Well, now it’s time to inform your colleagues about what boot will suit their needs best, whether they be for work on a ranch, farm, construction site or any other workplace.

I have always been asked this same question by co-workers “What Boot do i need?” This was mainly due to insufficient information available online but mostly because friends & people around these parts had no idea either until recently when I decided to take the initiative to launch ShoesPundit.

I also started this blog as a personal project and passion for helping people with buying the right work shoes/boots for their winter & summer. I myself was very confused about what boot to go for this time, and hence I thought of sharing my experiences here with others.

Shoes Pundit is committed to providing unbiased shoe reviews & updates regarding future trends, styles & utility. Shoes Pundit is dedicated to guiding the customers in buying the best shoes.

Shoes Pundit task is to provide complete information about different boots & shoes and help customers in making their right choice. Different kinds of materials are used for manufacturing winter shoes; we will also cover materials including Leather, Rubber, Vinyl etc.

We are covering different brands of shoes & work boots available in USA, Europe & other parts of the World.
Every time we try to give some edge over already available information on the internet, which gives us an opinion on every item before writing a review. We are trying our best to provide unbiased reviews/opinions about footwear items.
Shoes Pundit have a team of young enthusiasts who love to write about footwear and help our readers in buying the best shoes.

We will be giving comprehensive information about different types of work shoes/ boots.
Shoes Pundit is committed to offering accurate & complete information with the latest updates, trends & styles when it comes to shoes.
As shoes are the most important part of the attire, it’s our responsibility to provide correct information with complete details.

Who is Shoes Pundit ?

How Is It Done ?

As we are directly involved with the industry, we keep trying all sort of work boots. We try these boots, use them in various conditions, give them a really tough time and then once we are sure about our findings, we write the review.

Tests Shoes Pundit do:

  1. How long the shoe lasts.
  2. How comfortable they are for different work environments and how well they fit our feet and heels.
  3. How resistant the shoes are to heat, chemicals, water and oil.
  4. We test how much abuse each shoe can take before it starts having problems with its structure or how well it keeps up with its sole.
  5. how much the shoes slip or stick to the ground (on different surfaces, wet/dry etc.)
  6. How heavy each shoe is.
  7. How flexible they are to make sure they don’t cause any harm by having something rigid inside them (steel cap, for example).

The tests may seem a bit tough, but that is how you want to know how the shoe will perform.


Mark Walter

Mark is a content writer, researcher, engineer, and artist. Born into an artistic family, he grew up surrounded by art. In the United States, Mark studied architecture and constructed many buildings. As a researcher and writer, he is passionate about what he does. Mark brings decades of construction and works site experience to https://shoespundit.com/. You can always contact him for an expert opinion regarding your footwear.

Last Not The Least

Shoes Pundit is not promoting any brand or company via its reviews, opinions & articles. If you have any suggestions/queries/ feedback, please feel free to contact us. I hope my blog will help you in buying the right shoes for this winter.

Founder of ShoesPundit
Joe Anderson ( Founder of Shoes Pundit )

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