Are Wolverine work boots good? All You Need To Know About Them

Being an outdoor worker, you may have come across several pairs of work boots. Wolverine is also such an old work boots manufacturer. They design all kinds of work boots, steel toe, leather, composite toe, and other types of boots. Wolverine work boots, though, must have you thinking if they’re any good. Well, read the article to find more interesting facts about them.

History of wolverine work boots:

history of wolverine work boots

Wolverine is one of the oldest work boot brands. Officially started in the 1910s, the work boots are still the first choice for working boots. The history of wolverine boots dates back to the 1883 when G. A. Krause and his sons used to design more than 300 work boots approximately daily in their factory. Since then, it’s been almost 139 years, and they are still considered one of the finest work boot manufacturers all over the world. 

Material of Wolverine work boots:

Wolverine uses the finest leather for the manufacture of its top-quality work boots. Leather is the most commonly used material for the upper part of work boots. In contrast, rubber and a good quality TPU are used for the outsoles. Interestingly, this rubber material is quite slip-resistant and completely accident-free while you’re on the work sites! So you can work all day long on these boots without the fear of slipping on any wet surface. 

The durability of Wolverine work boots:

One of the most significant features of wolverine work boots is their durability. You must be wondering why it’s so hyped up. This Amazon durability comes from the highest and most innovative technologies used in their manufacture. The upper part of the work boots is made of the finest quality full-grain leather. Therefore you can work in these boots for as long as three years. Amazing, isn’t it?

Wolverine work boots compared with other work boots:

Wolverine work boots are often compared with other work boot brands. The Timberland and the Redwing work boots are most popular due to their similar features.

Timberland vs Wolverine:

Timberland produces some of the best quality work boots. The one thing that is quite similar between the wolverine boots and timberland work boots is that they both consist of rugged rubber outsoles that contribute to their durability. One thing that differs in both the pull on work boots is the upper material. A wolverine boot mainly uses leather as its primary upper material.

In contrast, the Timberland boots also sometimes use denim as their upper material. If you work in an outdoor environment, I recommend buying both. If you’re working at a construction site, keeping in mind all the challenging conditions, I suggest you go for leather work boots for construction. Whereas, if you’re working in a less hazardous environment, you can opt for denim timberland work boots. 

Red Wing boots vs Wolverine:

 Wolverine’s vintage 1000 miles work boots and Redwing’s ultimate iron ranger work boots are commonly compared.   

Redwing’s iron ranger is one of the finest and most stylish work boots on the market. They also have mini 430 outsoles, making them a class apart. They both feature a Vibram sole outsole, which ensures perfect traction whenever you’re working outdoors with the Red Wing iron ranger boots or the Wolverine 1000 miles boots.

Wolverine 1000 Miles vintage boots:

Wolverine men’s 1000 miles plain-toe rugged boots are one of the oldest and finest work boots since 1914! The best thing about these work boots is that their Vibram heel is the same as when first manufactured. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

The upper part is made of Chicago Horween leather. Moreover, it also consists of a Goodyear welt construction to make it more durable. This is one work boot I would suggest you get your hands on!

Wolverine boots size chart

wolverine work boots size chart

What are the factors that make Wolverine boots good?

1) Midsoles:

Midsoles are one of the essential things in work boots. People who work in a more tough environment, face impact due to rough terrains. To overcome this problem, wolverine work boots have the finest midsoles that provide ultimate cushioning and excellent shock absorption. Hence, they can reduce the effect of walking over rough surfaces and absorb all kinds of shocks.

2) Durashock Outsole:

These outsoles are best for shock absorption. They also prevent all kinds of impacts and provide flexibility to your feet while you’re working. 

3) Goodyear welt construction:

Another factor that makes these boots worth the money is their Goodyear welt construction. This strong construction ensures that your work boots last a long time. It is also essential to support your feet, especially while working under harsh outdoor conditions. Trust me; your work boots won’t wear out as quickly!

4) Comfort levels:

Comfort is something you always look for before buying work boots. Wolverine boots are one of a kind when it comes to comfort. They consist of the comfiest footbed and ortholite cushioning, providing excellent support and comfort to your feet all day long.

5) Safety toe caps:

Working outdoors is never an easy job. You might face several accidents on site. Sometimes heavy objects fall onto your feet, due to which you might get injured. Wolverine boots have the best safety toes to prevent this from happening. Their steel toe work boots are for hazardous work conditions and composite toe work boots for a little less dangerous environments. 

6) Innovative technologies used in the work boots:

Wolverine boots use some of the latest technologies. Such as the ortholite cushioning for your foot support and comfort. Along with the welt construction and dura shock outsoles. Each and everything makes these boots perfect of their kind. Their work boots for women are both durable and stylish.

Disadvantages of Wolverine boots:

Not economical:

Sometimes these work boots require a break in period. One another drawbacks of Wolverine boots is that they are not quite economical, and you may have to think twice before spending your money. However, if you look at the brighter side, these work boots are worth all your money as they have some incredible features!


What are the most comfortable Wolverine work boots?

If you’re looking for the perfect Wolverine work boots for comfort, I would recommend the Wolverine buccaneer series. The Multishox insoles by Wolverine, along with PU midsoles are shock absorbing and comfortable.

Are wolverine boots good for hiking?

Yes, you can wear wolverine work boots while hiking. They consist of an excellent welt construction and the dura shock Outsoles, which provide immense traction and support to your feet. Plus, the boot won’t wear out. 

Are wolverine work boots only available in lace-up styles?

No. Wolverine work boots come in pull-on styles as well.

Do the size of wolverine boots run bigger?

It depends. The pull-on style runs a little bigger, whereas the lace-up boots usually are not that wide plus, they also have lace adjustment, which makes up for it. 

How long do Wolverine work boots last?

It varies for every Wolverine work boot design. However, the 1000 miles Wolverine work boots last up to 3.5 years which is a considerable time guaranteeing their durability. 

Where are Wolverine boots made?

Wolverine work boots are entirely manufactured in the USA. The finest elements from across the world are used to make these Wolverine boots, which are then handmade in plants across the country, including Wolverine’s facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Are Wolverine boots made in China?

No. Only a few styles from Frye, Wolverine, and Chippewa are still made in the United States; all other products are made in China.

Are Wolverine work boots true to size?

Yes. The good thing about these boots is that they are true to size. Moreover, they are also available in various sizes and widths to choose from, so they can fit all shapes and sizes of feet, whether narrow or wide. 

Are Wolverine work boots good for snow?

Yes. Wolverine work boots are great for snow. The built-in thermal insulation system helps keep your feet warm during cold, wet weather.

Are Wolverine work boots waterproof?

Many Wolverine work boot designs are waterproof and have an insulation system. Their outsole is made from a waterproof rubber material, which prevents water from seeping in or damaging your work boots.

Is Wolverine a good boot brand?

Wolverine is one of the genuine and authentic work boot brands, as they are made from the original material and passed through the ASTM safety standards that ensure your work boots are safe for every environment. 

Final thoughts

There may be an answer and another question: a yes and a why? Firstly, Yes, Wolverine boots are worth your money. Moreover, why are they worth your money? Wolverine boots are acclaimed for their excellent flexibility, out and then comfort, along with their protective toe designs. Perfect for a workplace! Therefore they are completely worth every penny you invest in buying them!

I hope you found our review for wolverine work boots quite informative. Please read some of our other exciting articles regarding the work boots.

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