How to shrink leather boots? Home Guide: Step by Step

How to shrink leather boots

After purchasing a new pair of leather work boots, it is common for you to return home with a smile. The moment you try them, everything changes. Alas! They are a size larger. Your mind begins to dwell on how to shrink leather boots. You may also receive a gift from a loved one, or … Read more

What is a TPU toe cap? Are they any good?

Have you heard the word TPU toe cap? Well, you must undoubtedly be familiar with toe caps. Be it composite toe covers or removable steel toes, or soft toe caps, all of them are safety toe shoe covers.  The Toe caps are protective pieces used at the end of work boots mainly to prevent you from accidents and injuries while you’re at work. Safety … Read more

How To Break In Work Boots Fast

how to break in work boots

Work boots are designed to provide durability, comfort, and protection when on the job. Employers might require employees to wear work boots when working in specific fields such as construction or landscaping. If you have just gotten a new pair of work boots for your job, they must fit so that you can avoid any … Read more

Pull-on Versus Lace-up Work Boots

pull on vs lace up work boots

Whether you’re a construction worker, a carpenter, or a working individual, boots are an essential part of your life. Be it lace-up boots or pull-on boots that don’t have laces. Choosing pull on vs lace up work boots for safety has always created quite a debate. Pull-on vs. lace-up boots is always about your ease and convenience.  … Read more

How To Make Work Boots More Comfortable ?

How to make slip on work boots more comfortable

Your super-strong boots protect your feet, especially while you’re at your worksite all day. However, you don’t feel comfortable in them at all when you get home. The work boots may consist of a hard upper material or good strong rubber outsoles. These elements can protect your work boots from all kinds of damage and … Read more

How Often Should You Replace Work Boots ? How Long They Last ?

How Often Should You Replace Work Boots ?

It may be hard for you to replace a pair of shoes that you have had for the longest time. You may be trying your best to keep the boots by putting extra effort into their care. But the reality is that every work boot has a certain lifespan through which they function correctly. How often should you replace … Read more

How to Lace Work Boots

How to Lace Work Boots

Have you always been wondering how to lace work boots in the perfect way? The proper tying or lacing of work boots is crucial to an individual’s comfort and safety. There are various methods of lacing work boots. Whether the shoes are old or new, various methods of tying them change the style and comfort … Read more

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Vinegar & Other Household Products

how to clean timberland boots with vinegar

Many people struggle with cleaning their shoes. They’ve tried everything from shoe trees to harsh chemicals to different oils. The problem is that most of these products aren’t effective. If you have a pair of Timberland boots, then you know that they are built to last, but they can still get dirty over time. In … Read more

How to Wear Work Boots With Jeans in 2022/23

How to Wear Work Boots With Jeans

While dressing up for the winter/autumn season, it’s essential to have some nice work boots and some jeans. Jeans only suit well with a good pair of boots. Several options are available, from light-colored skinny jeans to Chelsea ankle boots. Moreover, from all kinds of work boot outfits to just a casual shirt. You can’t … Read more