How Often Should You Replace Work Boots ? How Long They Last ?

Last Updated on August 9, 2023

It may be hard for you to replace a pair of shoes that you have had for the longest time. You may be trying your best to keep the boots by putting extra effort into their care. But the reality is that every work boot has a certain lifespan through which they function correctly. How often should you replace work shoes ?

If you’re unsure what signs you should consider before buying new work boots, then look no further! We have listed down a couple of characters that you must look for when you’re thinking of replacing your work boots. On top of that, we also mentioned some characteristics that you always remember when you’re shopping for a brand new pair of work boots.

How long do work boots last ?

Well, it would help if you started thinking of replacing your work boots within six or 12 whole months of buying. As soon as you see your work boots tearing out and the signs of wear start to appear, you might consider changing them. Major reasons to replace work boots include:-

1) Work boots outer parts wearing out

Work boots outer parts wearing out

Never ignore the signs of work boots wearing out. It may lead to further damage to your work boots. The question arises: how long do work boots last? Good leather slip on work boots last mainly for a year. After that, you need to consider replacing your work boots. 

Typically, this is due to working on harsh, rocky surfaces. While you’re on your concrete worksites, the challenging and rugged terrains cause your work boots to wear out. You may overlook some of the damage signs that your work boots may be showing. But it would be best if you closely examined your pair of boots after an adequate use time.  

You must first notice the upper part of your work boots. Do you see any rough tearing signs? If so, this must be an alarming situation for you. You quickly need to see if the outsoles have holes in them. So you can replace them before time. 

2) Work boots opening

Work boots opening

Due to long-term use, you may experience your boots tearing down from places, especially the middle. Look for any small opening or holes in your shoes and if you do notice them, replace your work boots in time. The boot opening usually causes a great deal of damage to the shoes. It may be a source of water or chemical liquids entering the boots, and it may also cause a lack of insulation. 

3) Lack of breathability

Lack of breathability in work boots

The breathability of work boots could be another indication for you to replace your work boots. Usually, leather shoes start to feel a little too hot and humid from the inside, making you uncomfortable. Hence, you’re unable to concentrate on your work. Therefore, as soon as your work boots become less breathable, quickly switch to new ones! 

4) Sudden Discomfort

Sudden Discomfort

It may be time to change your work boots if you feel any sudden discomfort while wearing them. Are you experiencing discomfort or sudden pain in your back, feet or ankles? It probably may be due to your work boots.

One of the essential elements of work boots is support. Therefore, if there is nothing to support your feet, they may experience pain and fatigue. Sagging is a common cause of this. The upper shaft of the boots wrinkled means that the work boots aren’t providing your feet enough support for your daily work.

Another factor that contributes to foot pain is the insoles. You should know how often to change insoles in work boots. If you feel your insoles are uncomfortable and worn out, you may be experiencing extreme arch pain.

Flat and torn insoles may also cause plantar fasciitis. I would recommend doing another test to check if it is time for your boots to be replaced. Hold your shoes and bend them; if the toe or steel toe and heel portion touch, it’s probably time to replace your work boots. 

5) Damage due to water

Damage due to water

Water may be a great source of damage to your work boots. Mainly, if you’re an outdoor construction worker, you may experience dealing with wet surfaces every day. Water damage may also attack your work boots if you work consistently in rainy or wet areas

The real damage to the boots occurs when they have a hole or leakage point in them. As a result, water enters the work boots, causing further damage. So look for any leakage points in your shoes. They may indicate that it’s about time you replace your shoes. 

If you even notice your boots slightly cracking up due to long-term use in rain or damp surfaces, replace them. Mainly, leather boots are prone to water damage because of their soft fabric material. 

Exposing work boots longer to damp surfaces may also decrease their electrical hazard protection system. So if you’re working as an electrician, you may have to replace your shoes cause there won’t be any use now.

6) The shine of work boots

The shine of work boots

Another vital element of the shoes is the shine or gloss over them. If this shine is starting to wear off and the boot appears slightly dull and seems faded in color, this might be the time for a replacement. Moreover, worn boots could also tear up the shoes from the upper part. 

So whenever you see your boot color-changing or losing its shine, try to replace them with new and better ones. Its one of the clearest indication of a good time to replace your work shoes.

7) Count the miles and observe change

How often you need to replace your boots is determined by this factor. Counting the miles or running numbers will help you to figure out if your work boots are worthy of replacement or not. Some of the elements that may be the indicators of damage to your shoes are:

  • If you’re consistently working in muddy or wet areas
  • Running or walking four to five miles each day.
  • Working every day on rocky terrains. 

How to make work boots last longer?

How can you make your boots last for a more extended period? You need to keep in mind some elements if you need to buy a new pair of work boots. 

1) Maintaining work boots properly

Maintaining work boots

If you want to keep your boots for a longer time, you must take care of them. Try to clean your work boots daily, dust them, polish them, and take care of the parts wearing out. By doing that, you may extend the life of your work boots. However, if your shoes are completely worn out, you must think fast of replacing them. 

2) Keep more than one pair of boots for yourself

Keep more than one pair of boots for yourself

If you’re a construction worker and you usually work outdoors, then you should, by all means, keep an extra pair of work boots with you. Therefore, your work boots for construction would have a chance to take a break while you’re working in your other pair of shoes. Also, if you’ve worked in rainy weather the previous day, your boots will get a chance to dry out before you can wear them again. 

Besides being a construction worker or an electrician, if you’re working full time as a pharmacist or hospital nurse, you also need a good and robust pair of pharmacy shoes. Working as a nurse, you should always have an idea how often to replace shoes. 

Nurses are often under a lot of stress and running from one place to another. 

Working nurses usually wear tennis shoes that wear out quite fast. Because your boots suffer a lot of compressions and hard work, if you’re reading this and are a hardworking nurse, you must check your pair of sneakers and if they seem damaged by any angle, replace them without a second thought!

What qualities should be there in a fine pair of work shoes?

Some of your demanding and hardworking jobs need a good and vigorous pair of boots that can go with you for a long time. Some of these factors we’ve mentioned include:

1) Good material

Good material

Make sure that the boots you buy are of excellent and robust material. They should be able to endure several washes. In addition to this, the shoes must be able to survive all kinds of impacts and compression, especially when you’re wearing those work boots in outdoors and in harsh environments

2) Comfortable

Work boots must be comfortable

If your feet feel comfortable even while you’re working hard all day long, then the boots are best for sure! Ensure the work boots you purchase for yourself should provide you with all comfort levels. Since you’re going to be on your feet all day long, you need the most comfortable pair of boots for your shoes. Moreover, the shoes should be comfortable and fit your feet properly to move around every day quickly. You must know that which toe type will suit you soft toe or steel toe.

3) Work boots must be durable and of high quality

Work boots must be durable and of high quality.

While buying work boots for yourself, keep in mind that they must be made of excellent and concentrated leather. This composition makes work boots durable and lasts for a longer time. So even if you are buying a fine pair of shoes for yourself, you need to keep checking for any holes and damage to them regularly. 

FAQ’s – How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes

What might happen if we don’t replace work boots within time?

Some severe damage may occur to your boots if you don’t get them replaced within time. The shoes may start to open and form cracks and holes. Water may enter the boots and make them prone to more damage. The color of the leather may fade out. Along with these, much other damage may occur to your shoes. Don’t delay replacing your work boots if you see any of these signs. 

Which brand makes work boots that last for a long time?

Various good and reputed brands design durable boots for you. Top-quality work boots are Thorogood, Ariat, Danner, Redwing, and Timberland. However, all these work shoes last in what conditions they are used. In addition to this, their durability also depends on how they are used and maintained.

What is the approximate period within which you should replace your shoes? 

Whenever you see your boots wearing out or getting damaged, you must immediately think about replacing them. However, usually, the period and life of a pair of leather boots are almost six months or a whole year. That is the warranty given by the companies as well. Within this time, if the shoes show no damage, then you must keep them, but if not, replace them soon. 

Should we buy expensive boots for good quality and prolonged usage?

An expensive pair of boots are made out of good material. They are made worth the money, so the performance is worth it. However, there is no guarantee that expensive work boots are more durable. It only depends on how you use them and what kind of environment. If they resist all sorts of harsh environments, then they certainly are made of good quality. 

Final words

Work boots are an essential part of a worker’s life. For that, you must also need a good and strong pair of boots that can keep you going all day while you’re on your feet. Take good care of the boots in your use. In addition to this, keep a check on them if they’re on the verge of getting damaged.

Spot the signs and try to find the problem with them. Therefore, you’d be able to replace them within adequate time. It shall keep you from thinking much about how often should you replace work shoes? I hope you found our review helpful for your future purchases. Please read some of our other reviews and discover exciting facts about work boots! 

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