How To Stop Work Boots From Stinking

Really want to know how to make work boots not stink? Work boots are the most frequent pair of shoes anyone wears daily. Because of its excessive usage, the boots get worn out and become untidy and stinky if not cleaned properly.

You must take a few essential steps to keep them immaculate and smell amazing. We have shared our 11 best ways to keep work boots from smelling. So without a further ado, lets check these tips.

how to get rid of odor in work boots 

how to get rid of odor in work boots 

Specific ways are used for cleaning work boots, but I will only enlist those used and practiced by me for years. You may try the one that best suits you. Besides, don’t forget to read the precautions written in the work boots for washing. So here are a few tried and tested methods for keeping your boots clean and odor free.

1. King of Natural Detergents: Baking Soda

King of Natural Detergents: Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the first and foremost cleaning agent you find in nature. It’s not only cheap but the most effective cleaning agent. It’s readily available from grocery shops and works miracles on its subject. The most astonishing thing about king soda is that it deep cleans the object from the depth, extracting all dirt and grease contaminated there.

The second best thing is that it has no specific taste or smell. Henceforth leaving no residue behind as its texture is very light, so it’s easy to wash off.

Furthermore, baking soda is an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. It doesn’t have any side effects. However, excessive amounts of anything are dangerous.

Therefore I have concluded that it is the most powerful and effective cleaning agent for all kind of boots.

How to use soda to get the smell out of work boots

The easy method is to sprinkle the magic powder inside the boot and leave it for a few hours or a minimum of one hour. This will be easier specifically for slip on work boots. The ankle height of these boots will make it easier for you to use soda in the inside.

Afterward, dust it off or use a hair dryer to blow it off.

Another way is to fill the small tub of your shoe size with water, put some baking soda, mix well, soak the boots in this liquid, keep it for a few hours, and rinse it off.


This soda is not used for leather or suede boots as possessing deep cleaning properties; it can make the surface of leather hard. However, you can use it for joggers, sneakers, or canvas shoes.

There is a secret recipe I can share with you. You can clean leather or suede boots with soda. The paper bag or tissue containing the soda should be stored in boots and removed after an hour or overnight if it is kept in a tissue or paper bag. This method is going to extract the foul odor from inside the boots.

Things to remember

Please don’t keep the boots under soda treatment inside your closet or somewhere congested and warm, as these factors are growing agents for bacteria.

2. Talcum Powder To make work boots smell better

Talcum Powder To make work boots smell better

The quickest and most lazy hack for removing odor from boots is to sprinkle some pleasant talcum powder on the insides of your boots or in the insoles.

You may keep it for a few hours or overnight, which can dust off later.

3. Non-scented Shoe Deodorizers – Air Purifying Bags to deodorize work boots

Non-scented Shoe Deodorizers - Air Purifying Bags to deodorize work boots

These are the elements that destroy odor compounds. It eliminates the funky odor from the boots. All you have to do is to keep some purifying bags inside your shoes. After some time or overnight, the bags will completely extract all the foul odor from the boots leaving behind the aromatic smell inside the boots.

The shoe deodorizers do the same job; spray the deodorizer inside the boots, which will finish the stinking smell from the boot. This method can be used in winter when boots take longer to dry. 

This process may be quick and easy, but it does not cleanse the long accumulated dirt inside the boots. This method is recommended for hardcore workers like worker who work on concrete all day.

4. Vinegar and Soda to get rid of foot odor in work boots

Vinegar and Soda to get rid of foot odor in work boots

 Another very profound method for cleansing boots is to use vinegar.

Add one part vinegar, one part baking soda, and one part water. Keep this mixture in a spray bottle.

How to Use to clean smelly work boots

Spray this mixture on the insides of the boots and leave it to dry.

Vinegar has a strong odor, so it leaves a smell. To save yourself from this, you may keep the boots in the sun or rinse them off with plain water.

5. Deep Cleaning Method to get rid of smelly work boots

Deep Cleaning Method to get rid of smelly work boots

This method requires time. Although time-consuming, the boots come out very tidy and smell nice.

Take your boots, unlace them, and take out the insoles. Don’t worry about lacing your work boots again. If they are pull on work boots then the process gets more easier as we wont be having any kind of laces. You can read here the difference of slip on work boots and lace work boots.

Now in water, add some detergent and dip the boots in this water. Soak overnight or for a few hours. 

Now wash it with plain water. Keep the boots in the sun for drying.

This method completely vanishes the odor from boots.

You can apply this method once a month or two.

6. Soap Wrappers to get the stink out of work boots

Soap Wrappers to get the stink out of work boots

Keeping soap wrappers inside the soles of boots is also a quick fix. You can store the wrappers in the closet. For wide pull on work boots you can use multiple wrappers and try to push them inwards. This way you will be able to use multiple wrappers and expedite this cleaning process.

This hack won’t eliminate all smells but can be applied to less-smelly boots. Also, this is not a permanent solution.

7. Essential Oils

Essential Oils to eliminate smell from work boots

Essential oils are extracted from plants that have unique aromatic compounds in them. It’s used in makeup, cosmetics, perfumes, and skin products.

How to Use To Keep Work Boots From Stinking

Mix a few drops of essential oils in water, and keep this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray inside boots and let them dry.

This super mixture will keep your boots smelling amazing for a longer time.

Its unique, pleasant smell uplifts your mood.

You can frequently use this mixture of essential oil and water spray to clean the smell.

8. OUDH to remove odor from work boots

Oudh is made from agarwood found in forests of south Asia, India, and Bangladesh. The ancient Arabic method is used mainly by Arab Muslims. It has a strong aroma, and the fragrance is intense, pleasing with the Smokey notes of dampened woods.

Although it’s costly, it’s long-lasting and pleasing.

How to Use

Burn the coal, and keep it in a metal container. When the smoke starts coming out of burning coal, put the oudh on top of the coal. Now the oudh will start emitting the most pleasant smell.

You have to take this Smokey smell inside your closet or shoe rack so that the smell reaches every nook and corner of your wardrobe. The pungent smell stays longer and gets absorbed by the fabric. Henceforth the boots absorb the Oudh smell and will be kept inside the clothes or boots longer.

The process can be done weekly or once a month to be used after washing boots. The smoke also kills any bacteria or germs residing in the closet.

9. Wearing Clean Socks

Wearing Clean Socks to avoid smelly work shoes

Wear a clean, washed pair of socks every time you step into your work boots, as your feet produce sweat. Socks absorb this sweat. If the socks are not replaced regularly, the smell gets contaminated inside the shoes, making them a cozy home for bacteria to grow.

Things to Avoid

Cotton socks should be avoided as cotton quickly absorb sweat from the feet. Avoid wearing cotton socks instead; wear cotton blend or polyester socks, which don’t absorb sweat as much as pure cotton.

10. Foot Care

Taking care of feet is very important for hygiene,

Regular pedicures will enhance not only your feet’s beauty but also your health and personality.

You don’t necessarily go to the parlor for a pedicure. Besides, you must treat yourself sometimes. Hygiene is as important for men as it is for women. Always try to keep your feet dry in work boots as this will avoid sweaty feet which can produce foul smell in boots.

Foot Care & hygiene

Soak feet in a small tub filled with warm salty water (also add baking soda)for a few minutes, then rinse it with clear water. Towel dry, and your pedicure is done. These natural cleaning agents will not only deep clean the feet but also will remove the hard skin from your feet.

11. Portable Washing Machine to get smell out of work boots

 is a handy tool to wash your boots quickly.

Portable Washing Machine to get smell out of work boots

All you need is a baby washing machine or a portable washing machine. Fill the machine with water, and put in some washing detergent. Now put your shoes in the machine, and run it for a few minutes. That’s it. Rinse and dry. 

The sun is dry, and your boots will thank you. It’s effortless and quick, as well as deep cleaning your stinky boots. Please make sure that your boots material is washable. Using this method for steel toe slip on work boots can damage not only the toe cap but also the machine.

General Things to Keep In Mind to get work boots to not stink

  • Don’t keep or store your boots for an extended period in a closed area or closet.
  • Avoid wearing boots without socks. 
  • Avoid applying foot cream or moisturizer before wearing boots.
  • Keep your boots in an airy closet.
  • Give your shoe boots some air and sunshine regularly.
  • Once the boots start to stink even a little bit, immediately treat them then and there, don’t wait until the odor becomes too unbearable to bear.


We will recommend you to replace your work boots if they are really worn out as nothing will work for them. We hope you liked my personal tips on how to make work boots not stink. These all are easy methods which you can easily do at home. Let us know which method will you try in the comments below. Good Day !

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